AFRO UTAH Festival is a cultural event  that  provides  Black, African, and black immigrants the opportunity to share their culture, pride, and their heritage with others.

With the rise of the black population in Utah, there has become a need to only enlighten others about the blacks, but also to showcase the great work and contributions blacks are making in the community. The festival will  highlight, promote, and recognize Afro black culture and the great work Afro blacks are doing in the community. 

With the untimely death of a black man killed  publicly by a police officer in Minneapolis, and the resulting protests that erupted  from coast to coast, in Utah and around the world, it has become eminent that our communities in Utah would benefit from getting to know the black community. 

We believe one of the ways to foster an understanding of the black community in Utah is to show the community who we are. So we will use this medium to educate, enlighten and encourage others to get to know the Utah blacks.




 This cultural festival aims to provide a platform for individuals who identify as African American, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latinx, Afro-European, Afro-Asian, or any other group with African roots, to celebrate and exhibit their cultural identity. It offers them an opportunity to express their pride and honor in their heritage, while also promoting Diversity, Inclusion & Equity engagement in the community.

In participating in these events, Blacks, black immigrants, Africans and black refugees would not only get an opportunity to educate others about their culture and pride, but they too would enhance their cultural knowledge while becoming proud of who they are. We believe these transformational attributes would equip Utah’s Black community members with the capacity  to continue forging their paths as  catalysts for change, uniquely  contributing to their local and international communities. 

Diversity and engagement is at the heart of the AFRO UTAH Festival is a cultural event. This project was strategically designed to provide  more intimate dialogues and enriched experiences of the Afro culture in a diaspora.


  • A greater understanding of the Black community in Utah
  • A peaceful co-existence of  all race, including black 
  • A response to racial stereotype, particularly, black criminality  
  • Advocacy for  reduction in the racial and gender achievement gaps 
  • A reduction in the perception that black people are academically-challenged, and  lazy


Our Mission

Our Mission is to showcase the culture, achievements, and talents of Blacks in Utah thereby helping to foster an understanding  and a peaceful co-existence of  blacks and non blacks in the community.

“Our Vision is to create an accurate and inspirational understanding of blacks and their contribution to the Utah community.”


“ Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere … ” – Dr Martin Luther King.

“… understanding inspires us with passionate desire to build bridges of cooperation instead of walls of segregation – President Russell Nelson.”