The Afro Utah Awards are presented to honor individuals who are changing and developing the communities of Black or people of Afro descent. These honorees are also recognized for making outstanding contributions to the state of Utah as a whole.


Our ceremony will showcase the outstanding contributions, achievements, accomplishments, and talents of Blacks or people of Afro descent in Utah.

We welcome your participation in the nominations for the 2021 Afro Utah Awards. If you know anyone who embodies the aforementioned qualities, please consider nominating them for an award.

There are 9 categories this year. Please submit a separate online form for each award nomination.

Award selections will begin July 25th, 2021.

All nominations are due by July 20th, 2021.



The Afro Utah NOBLE RELIGION AWARD. This award recognizes Afro persons of faith or religious organizations who have made an outstanding contribution in the field of religion, encouraging people of their denomination to grow stronger in their faith, as well as developing programs and projects that have significantly impacted the lives of blacks in their congregation and their community. 


The Afro Utah AUTHENTIC POLITICS AWARDS Recognizes persons of color or Afro descent in the field of politics that have contributed tremendously to making changes to laws that affect black or Afro decent people in the country and particularly in the state of Utah. Such a person has to have made substantial contributions to freedom and democracy. A person that has encouraged blacks  or people of Afro descent to exercise their civic and political rights, a person who has had a practical involvement in the development of mutual understanding of blacks and non-black communities in the state of Utah


The Afro Utah ATHLETE AWARD recognizes sportsmen and sportswomen of color or Afro descent in the state of Utah. Celebrating their highest sporting achievements, and even more so honoring those whose actions have transcended the court, track, or field of play to helping others and giving back. 


The Afro Utah ENTERTAINMENT AWARD is presented to an individual or groups of color or Afro descent with unique talents and performance that contributes to the entertainment industry and their community. Recipients may be from any Afro nation and are recognized for

the arts, music, dance, poetry, books, films, television, radio, and other prints. The recipient must be involved in establishing, defending, and promoting—among other things the growth of other young black or Afro persons in the industry. 

Community Advocates 

The Afro Utah ADVOCATES AWARD celebrates the achievements and work of community advocates and activists of Afro descent, who use their time, talents, money, and actions to plead the cause of others. Such groups or individuals should be associated with making significant contributions to the community through dedication.  The honoree selected should serve as a role model for compassion, and service and be striving to make the world a better place. They should have a passion for helping others and are dedicated to educating others about their cause. 


The Afro Utah HUMANITARIAN AWARD honors individuals or groups in Utah from any of the Afro Nations that have Contributed significantly to alleviating human suffering and improving the quality of life and oral health of individuals in Utah. Honorees must demonstrate impactful leadership and outstanding humanitarian efforts, including volunteering accomplishments that would bring honor to the humanitarian profession.


The Afro Utah HEALTH PROFESSIONAL AWARD recognizes individuals of Afro descent who have made significant contributions to making the health industry in Utah outstanding. These individuals have contributed tremendously to the advancement of medical science, medical education, or medical care for people of color, minorities, and the underserved/ underrepresented 


 The Afro Utah HIDDEN FIGURES TECH AWARDS is an award celebrating and recognizing tech innovators from any Afro Nation residing in the state of Utah. The award honors the technological contributions of people of color that benefit great numbers of people in the state. The core tenets of innovation are ingenuity, strategic thinking, and forward planning. We hope to recognize exceptional technologists who embody these qualities and have enhanced their organizations or businesses through innovation.

Best black business of the year

Afro Utah’s Best black business of the year AWARD  is awarded to Black-owned businesses that have been in business for more than five fiscal years and have demonstrated significant business success. We hope to recognize black businesses based on their performance over the past five years, on the merits of job creation, innovation, customer service, and exemplary management. 

Businesses must be independent, for-profit corporations, partnerships, or proprietorships.

  •     Evidence of community service contributions or involvement
  •     Proven efforts to advance the African American business community
  •     Exhibits revenue and/or employee growth
  •     Evidence of community service contributions or involvement
  •     Proven success stories and testimonial
  •     Accomplishments in advising African American business groups within the overall 

              business community

  •     Commitment and innovation for increasing business opportunities through mentoring,  

               facilitating enhanced finance options, etc.

  •     Awards or recognitions received


    The Afro Utah IMPACT ON EDUCATION AWARDS is multi-faceted, involving a wide range of possible Awardees: This Award recognizes persons of color or Afro descent in the field of Education, including any Afro workers in school administration, education services and, in any job under the State Board of Education that goes above and beyond the call of duty, to Impact positively the lives and experiences of students, and the Educational institutions they serve.
    For Teachers in this Category, the following is an expansive, but not exhaustive criteria for nomination:
    The Teacher

    (a) is available to students;

    (b) is helpful to and takes a personal interest in students;

    (c) uses creative or innovative instructional techniques;

    (d) is receptive to students’ viewpoints and ideas;

    (e) relates his or her field to other disciplines;

    (f) organizes and presents subject matter in ways that interest and stimulate students; (g) helps students make discriminating judgments among competing options;

    (h) challenges students’ thinking and assumptions;

    (i) helps students grow in intellectual stature and skills;

    (j) provides a positive role model to students regarding the value of a university education;

    (k) inspires students to work hard and to have pride in their work;

    (l) emphasizes the importance of values and standards in both academic and non-academic life;

    (m) imparts a respect for truth and a love of learning;

    (n) finds ways to help students achieve and enhance their self-esteem through the demonstration of mastery;

    (o) shows respect for all persons regardless of gender, age, race/ethnicity, color, religion, creed, nationality, and mental or physical condition.
    Other Non-Teacher nominees must also have served as great role models and persons of ethical educational integrity.

    The Afro Utah ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS Recognizes students of color or Afro descent whose academic success in the classroom is outstanding. To be eligible, students must MEET or EXCEED academic requirements established by their respective academic institutions, including grade point average or, school-set criteria, and choice of state tests or, teacher recommendations. Student nominees for this award will come from levels of education ranging from elementary through college.
    Awardees must demonstrate a sustained record of outstanding performance in activities in which the student demonstrated high motivation, initiative, integrity, intellectual depth, leadership qualities and/or exceptional judgment