Vendors of Afro Utah Festival

Thank you for submitting your vendor application. We appreciate your interest and would like to inform you that we have received it. Our team will thoroughly review the application to ensure it meets the criteria for vendor selection.

This year, we are accepting applications from vendors in the following categories:

Bring your Own Equipment 

    1. Food Truck Vendors (Center Piece Location): $350.00+ $33.89 fee
    2. Food Truck Vendors (Terrace Location): $265.00+ $28.55 fee
    3. Arts/Craft/Fashion Vendors (Bring your own Canopy, Table & Chairs) : $100.00+ $10.39 fee
    4. Business & Service Provider Vendors (Bring your own Canopy, Table & Chairs): $100.00+ $10.39 fee
    5. Community Organization Vendors (Bring your own Canopy, Table & Chairs): $65.00+ $7.10 fee

GKFOLKS to  Provide Canopy, Table & Chairs for Additional Fee

  1. Arts/Craft/Fashion Vendors (Canopy, Table & Chairs Included): $170.00+ $18.67 fee
  2. Business & Service Provider Vendors (Canopy, Table & Chairs Included): $170.00+ $18.67 fee
  3. Community Organization Vendors (Canopy, Table & Chairs Included): $160.00+ $17.63 fee

Please note that regular food vendors are not being accepted this year. Hence, ensure your application is in one of the mentioned categories. Once we review your application, we will notify you of the status. If approved, we will invite you to proceed with payment. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to reviewing your application.

You, the vendor, will provide:

  1. Items to sell, either food or non-food
  2. Staffing for your booth
  3. Promotion of the event to your customer database/list
  4. Napkins, plates, serving utensils, serving gloves, etc. if needed
  5. Your business logo
  6. Compliance with Salt Lake County Environmental Services Department health codes
  7. General Liability Insurance*
  8. Hand washing station (for food vendors)
  9. Decor for your booth
  10. You must bring an extension cord
  11. Bring your own Canopy, Table & Chairs

Note: You must provide a copy of your General Liability Insurance to our organization by or before August 6, 2022.

We, the organizers, will provide if you pay for :

One (1) 8’x10′ Area Tent without a wall (Additional Payment Required)
One (1) 6′ table and (2) two folding chairs (Additional Payment Required)
Prints of the Business Name and Booth # for your tent
Basic electrical power is available for a fee* (Additional Payment Required)

  1. Arts/Craft/Fashion Vendors (Canopy, Table & Chairs Included) : $170.00+ $118.67 fee
  2. Business & Service Provider Vendors (Canopy, Table & Chairs Included): $170.00+ $118.67 fee
  3. Community Organization Vendors (Canopy, Table & Chairs Included): $160.00+ $17.63 fee

Booth Information – All you need to know

  1. Load-in: Detailed instructions on load-in will be emailed on July 15th
  2. Check-in: Upon arrival, all registered vendors must check in at the registration area to be assigned booth space.

Taxes, Licenses, and Permits

  1. Vendors must have all required licenses, certifications, and permits visibly displayed at their stations.
  2. The collection and filing of all related taxes are the sole responsibility of each individual vendor.
  3. Salt Lake City, Utah sales tax rate is 7.75%. All vendors must provide Festival Management with a Utah state Business Tax License Number.

Food Truck Vendors

All Food Truck Vendors MUST HAVE A VALID FOOD HANDLER’S PERMIT & SPECIAL EVENT PERMIT (Temporary Food Permit) by filling out the form and submitting the form in person at least 2 weeks before the event date to avoid a late fee to:

Environmental Health Division Sanitation & Safety Bureau 788 East Woodoak Lane (5380 South) Murray, UT 84107 Fax: 385-468-3836 Visit for more information [email protected] | 801-535-6121

All foods must be prepared in an approved commercial kitchen or a commissary; nothing can be prepared at home. Fill out the state tax commission forms on the day of the event. At least one person must have a food handler card at all times during the event. All people working in the booth must read and be familiar with our Quick Reference Pamphlet for Food Booths. No food for the public may be prepared or stored in a private residence. All food and beverages (including ice) must come from an approved source. Heating and cooling equipment and methods must be approved by the Utah Health Department. All food vendors serving and sampling food must have the proper thermometer, permitting, and handwashing stations, per the health department. If you do not have the correct setup, you will be fined by the health inspector and may not be allowed to participate.

Afro Utah Festival holds no responsibility for the compliance or permitting of vendors. No refunds or exchanges will be given to vendors who are closed for non-compliance. No refunds are given three weeks prior to the event. Please fill out the form and send payments to secure your spot.

All cooking liquids and oils that are brought in by a vendor must also be brought out by the vendor. There are no cooking liquid or oil trash receptacles on the festival grounds. Any vendor caught disposing of cooking liquids or oils on-site will be fined $500 by the Afro Utah Festival and will not be asked back to participate next year.

IMPORTANT READ: Before applying for a Special event permit, please determine the following:

  • At least one person must have a food handler card or food safety manager certification.
  • The complete menu, including beverages.
  • Booth structure.
  • Equipment you will need.
  • How and where you will wash your hands?
  • How you will maintain hot and cold product temperatures.
  • How you will transport and store all foods.
  • Where and how you will clean equipment.

Equipment: The festival does not provide lighting or any cooking oil trash receptacles, mops, brooms, or additional cleaning equipment. The festival does not provide water; however, the Gallivan Center has potable water on-site. The festival cannot assist in heating water, so please plan ahead if you need it. The festival will provide a holding tank for greywater disposal.

Photo Release: Various elements of the festival will be photographed or videotaped. Your agreement to participate in the festival will serve as an acknowledgment of consent for you, your volunteers, and staff photographs/videos to be used for promotional or news media purposes at the discretion of the Afro Utah Festival.

Staff Wristbands: Staff wristbands will be given during vendor check-in. Each food booth can receive a maximum of four wristbands, and each non-food vendor can receive a maximum of two wristbands. Vendors and their staff must wear wristbands at all times. Please make sure you do not lose your wristbands.

Cancellations: There are no refunds for vendor cancellations at least three weeks before the event. If the festival is canceled by the organizer due to unforeseen circumstances, vendors will be eligible for a refund.

Weather: In the event of cancellation due to severe weather or COVID-19, credits, or refunds will not be granted.

FESTIVAL TRASH BINS: Waste materials shall not contain any hazardous materials, wastes, or substances; toxic substances, wastes, or pollutants; contaminants; pollutants; infectious wastes; medical wastes; or radioactive wastes (collectively, “Excluded Waste”), each as defined by applicable federal, state, or local laws or regulations (collectively, “Applicable Laws”). DO NOT discard drums, paint, solvents, chemicals, or other such materials that would be considered flammable or explosive or other materials not permitted to be disposed